London Rubber Studio Anniversary Celebrations!

May 2018 marks a very special anniversary for Mistress Annabel and to mark this special occasion, returning submissives and fetishists to the London Rubber Studio will enjoy the perverted latex rubber attentions of Mistress Annabel, rubber goddess, for 30 minutes longer than scheduled to take your latex dreams and erotic rubber fetishes to the next level. Feel the tension, let the excitement build, enjoy sensory overload, when you hand full control to this specialist rubber Mistress!

Please mention at the time of booking your appointment at the London Rubber Studio sight of this special offer for returning rubber fetishists in order to qualify for increased tension and erotic excitement wrapped in latex, defenceless to Mistress Annabel's demands and desires. Are you ready for more?

Mistress Annabel

Open When Closed!

Mistress Annabel Open Closed! London Rubber Studio, the Fetish studio of Mistress Annabel, will be open some Saturdays and Sundays and bank holidays on the following dates for appointments in London.

Spaces are limited. Due to the number of regular clients this will be a very limited intake of new fetishists, subs and TV/CD's. Longer sessions may require a deposit. Bespoke bondage and clinical restraint, coupled with sensation play or seclusion / isolation and overnight stays (perfect for those travelling from afar), will be charged on a sliding scale. Watch this space for further announcements, and the enticing bondage possibilities with Mistress Annabel.


21 & 22 April
5 & 6 May
7 May [bank holiday]
12 May
26 & 27 May 9 June
23 & 24 June

Long-term bondage weekend appointments

Long-term bondage weekend appointments are available for between three hours and three days, with Mistress Annabel in total control at all times! Imagine being routinely milked or edged as the willing victim of a beautiful dominant Woman; or being put into endless amounts of humiliating or emasculating predicament bondage with no end in sight!

Mistress Annabel

Let your kinky imagination truly run riot, allow yourself to be dominated, trapped, and toyed with, in the most bizarre ways possible by Mistress Annabel. Let's go harder, deeper, and longer for the ultimate kinky thrill!

26 & 27 May 2018

Serious Kit Pulsating Rubber Vacuum Suit!

Mistress Annabel has purchased, at great expense, the stunning heavy-rubber suit made by Serious Kit, to pulsate and suck you all over your body, to create some unique and exciting heavy-rubber bondage sensations. Feedback from this suit has so far been excellent, with some very recent tweeks and innovations unique to Mistress Annabel.

This suit can also be electrified for exciting and interesting E-stim on the genitals, nipples, and anus. So if you love rubber, crave bondage, and enjoy E-stim, then this is the suit for you! There are also two Serious Kit vacuum hoods custom made for extreme bondage scenarios. Imagine the vacuum pulsating and trapping your head, whilst the collar is pumped tighter and tighter around your neck; or indeed liquids move erotically across your rubber clad face. Interchangeable eye pieces on both of the hoods for a fish eye effect or indeed complete sensory deprivation / overload. Find out more about Mistress Annabel's unique Serious Kit experience:

NEW! Serious Kit electro clitoral milker, plus Serious Kit electro metal nipple milkers (especially effective for those with small nipples) – see below. Imagine the thrill of bringing your female partner along, to be secured in bondage and relentlessly milked – clitorally and by the nipples – squirming with pleasure or taking a whole myriad of E-stim sensations. These new additions allow a heterosexual couple to both be milked with the Serious Kit milker at exactly the same time. The huge circular ceiling mirror in the studio allows you to view your own retinal circus. Sensory overload coupled with play beyond anything you've experienced before, with supreme attention to detail, will allow you to formulate strong sexual memories, which will last you a lifetime.


A minimum booking of 2 hours is required in order to give an unhurried experience, which will build slowly in your minds-eye. This piece of kit can be used in conjunction with the Serious Kit nipple milkers, E-stim nipple milkers, clit E-stim milker, penis milker, and the Venus 2000. Become Mistress's willing rubber toy!

Mistress Annabel

Carl Zeiss 3D Cinemizer OLED Live Video Playback Glasses - NEW!

For the ultimate delight of the machines taking over, Mistress Annabel can arrange for your body and mind to be entranced with her new Quantiflex 'sedation' system and deja vous mind control, or brainwashing with the mind-blowing Carl Zeiss 3D Cinemizer OLED Live Video Playback Glasses. This type of immersion and isolation allows your body and mind to move in new directions completely orchestrated by Mistress.

A minimum booking time of at least two hours is required in order to undertake this mind control experience and bizarre brain-washing mixed with heavy fetish therapy. Become devoid of any freewill and remove yourself from the outside world to take one of the most sublime holistic fetish therapies in the UK! Mistress Annabel's deliciously deviant mind can also plot out a full mind-control programme of enticement and excitement, based on all the kinks that you really DON'T find alluring - humiliation par excellence!

Mistress Annabel

Covert Manoeuvers!

13 February 2018

A brand new, really exciting, spine tingling chance to be one of six special submissives or fetishists that are hand-picked by Mistress Annabel to descend the stairs one pre-ordained morning of Mistress's choosing. A whole range of new elicit kinky toys and devices have been purchased by Mistress to make your most private thoughts and desires become literal in public places. Imagine being padlocked into a device in the morning, attending meetings, lectures,or even playing sport, knowing that Mistress has full control of your body and mind, whether in physical or mental chastity, whilst you are away from her exacting gaze. Moreover, think of the excitement and arch exhilaration of knowing there are five others in exactly the same predicament, being used for Mistress's wicked and divine pleasure, as one of her personal toys for the day!! Shifting about uncomfortably in meetings, with pad lockable items in all your secret places adds a new dimension to the concept of being able to smile to yourself. Make no mistake, this is not just chastity play or tease-and-denial, there is a whole range of unique toys that Mistress has purchased. You will then be commanded to attend, later in the day, at a time of Mistress's choosing, to be interrogated on the day's covert manoeuvrers. No other Mistress, worldwide, has offered this service before. Please mail Mistress for the exact costings and locations. A deposit will be required.

Fettered Maze!

Mistress Annabel has recently spent a sizeable sum building a new room at Her London studio. The way the room has been configured makes it a paradise for couples and singles looking for long-term bondage scenarios and rubber fetish play in the UK.

Mistress Annabel

There are facilities for both gay and straight couples, including double milking attachments to make sure that Mistress can control both of you in tandem. A stunning range of equipment will be afforded to you in order to make your visit one that will be ingrained upon your kinky mind forever.

Some fantastic new inflatable rubber bondage outfits and hoods are now available to compliment the wealth of straight-jackets and body bags Mistress Annabel currently owns at her London studio. Attention to detail is paramount and you will never be left alone without someone being present no matter how long you choose to stay.

Mistress Annabel

Kinky Couples Come to Play!

Kinky couples come to play. A recent review by a very well respected London fetish scene couple, who currently run Rubber Revolution, a rubber fetish event held in in London. Here is what they have to say about their experience. Mistress Annabel hopes that it will convey the thought and measured consideration that has been invested in building this new room for both those visiting and living in London with a desire for a private and decadent space to enjoy their fetishes and adult desires.

Mistress Annabel
Mistress Annabel
Mistress Annabel


Review of London Rubber Studio

Whilst visiting London recently, we took this opportunity to visit Mistress Annabel's wonderful chambers and take advantage of the new couples room.

We are a happily married professional couple of many years, where we never seem to have enough time for each other due to family and work. It's quite a traditional story of kinky guy meets vanilla girl and over a period of many yrs corrupts her into his fetish of full rubber, with all the tensions and ups and downs that involved over the years. Whilst we try and make time to have rubber fun and games, its virtually none existent due to family, work and all the things life throws up. So when we became aware of the couples facilities we had to give it a go!

Upon arrival at Mistress Annabel's chamber's we were met by her maid, who greeted us and gave us a guide tour of the venue. The first thing that struck us was the amazing attention to detail, equipment, cleanliness and hygiene are second to none. First room we were shown was the medical room, it just looked like a fully functioning operating theatre in suburbia with its table, lights etc etc it's attention to detail was amazing. Second room we were led into what is the black/rubber room of perversion and intrusion (personally my favourite i wonder why wink) with its rubber draped walls, sling and treatment table/gyno seat and a large rubber resplendent with inflatable pieced pussy lips which we were inform was fantastic for stand up vacuum entrapment and predicament bondage play. Then lurking at the side was a pyramid topped floor to ceiling cage that was encased in latex curtains with multi attachment points to connect the electrics for a shocking time and of course the wonderful odour of rubber filled the whole studio. After which we were shown in the couples room, which had a wonderful circular rubber sheeted bed, with amazing tubed chrome supports, which the maid told us were chrome bondage tentacles for multi point bondage and suspension unit for inversion fantasies called "Fettered Maze" the ascetics of this certainly set the seen especially with the attached play implements to some of the tentacles. Lurking in the corner was a pair of milkers, Venus 2000 and Serious Kit which didn't fail to disappoint, nor a wealth of exciting sterile E-Stim devices and attachments, all of which was illuminated by the nicely arranged mood lighting. Lastly we were shown the amazing collection of latex and heavy rubber clothing that was available for clients to wear whilst enjoying the facilities, just for instance about 30 catsuits in various colours and sizes (a lot chlorinated) along with close to 100 hoods, gasmasks, gloves and various other accessories to achieve your particular rubber fantasy.

We were told to wait in the couples room where we would be shortly joined by Mistress Annabel. We sat on the bed and I knew my wife was as apprehensive as hell and fearful of might lie ahead as we waited. After a very short time Mistress Annabel entered, immaculately attired in a smokey black latex outfit, she immediately put us all at ease with her very friendly demeanour, especially my wife whom I could sense felt a great weight lifted off her shoulders by this very charming Lady. Mistress Annabel told us she would be happy to interact with us as much or as little as we wished during out time at her venue, she mentioned that the most important thing of our visit was for us to enjoy ourselves in such surroundings. Most importantly if we have any questions about anything just ask? This was a level of attention to detail and professionalism that we had not encountered before.

We both got ourselves suitably attired in full black rubber with myself also sporting an S6 respirator. Once I was attired, the maid led me to the black rubber room where I was put in a body bag and strapped to the bench to await Mistress Annabel and her little apprentice my wife. The fun and games began and what brilliant fun they were, we were more than happy for the Mistress to interact with us throughout the entire session, especially my wife who was put totally at ease. We both felt in rubber never never land whilst we were playing especially after my wife had a whiff of aromas which totally put any reservation she may have had to one side. Annabel is not only a Mistress, but a lifelong rubberist as well and it showed, her attention to detail and interaction with us was absolutely brilliant, constantly ensuring we were having a wonderful time, a true Mistress of her craft. This is a must for any fetish couples who are having a break in London and fancy kinky adventure in stunning surroundings. The couples room is a brilliant place to visit where one may wish to introduce the other to their kink. The possibilities are endless. It is both exciting and beautiful to be able to watch yourself in the huge circular mirror on the ceiling. There is also a bespoke suspension system, where on person can be suspended over the other at will, for some intimate interaction, under the wonderful tutelage of Mistress Annabel.

We found that our visit greatly helped us push our boundaries, especially with Mistress Annabel as the Mistress of ceremonies, bringing us even closer together as a rubber fetish couple. The visit put us both on a high for the remainder of the weekend, we are still buzzing with the evening's proceedings, all thanks to the lovely Lady that runs and facilitates a wonderful venue, discretely nestled in London's fashionable Kensington.

Would we visit Mistress Annabel again? Most definitely as we felt totally at ease with a wonderful host in such amazing surroundings.

We looked back at our visit as a gift to ourselves that just kept giving, enjoy.

by Rubbery Couple.

Exciting Orgasmic Anal Play!

Some exciting and innovative anal depth play techniques have been trialed by Mistress Annabel at Her London Studio. Also a new range of high tech dildos and plugs have arrived for a truly memorable playtime. Everything to make anal stretching and depth play a truly lascivious experience. There will be honest and objective feedback for this type of play and feedback from one of the rubber fetish scene's well known couples on the facilities and innovations afforded to all visitors at Mistress's new Fettered Maze space very soon. This space allows you the luxury of withdrawal from the stress and mundanity of day to day life into a unparalleled range of sensations and emotions.Your limits will be respected. Allow yourself the joy of anal play beyond your expectations!

Mistress Annabel

Heavy Rubber XXXXL!

Mistress Annabel at Her London Rubber Studio has been busy purchasing some brand new heavy rubber suits and hoods, and bondage mittens, plus many exciting brand new rubber inflatables, with the tall and mighty male form in mind. There are now catsuits for those with chest size up to 52" and height up to 6'7". There are over 70 hoods at the London Rubber Studio, so there will be something to fit all neck sizes. A brand new heavy rubber straitjacket has arrived to compliment the existing collection, suitable for those with a larger frame. There really is no excuse not to get your heavy rubber fix at this latex rubber wonderland based in Central London!!

New Heavy Rubber Video Teaser - Live on Rubber Mistress!

The Serious Kit pulsating vacuum suit with custom-made apertures for E-Stim of nipples, genitals, and buttocks and pulsating breath control hoods are now available at London's Twisted Clinic for gummi fantasies and restrictive breath control aficionados. See further information about these stunning variations and complications available to Mistress on the new section of Mistress Annabel's rubber website "Heavy Rubber"

:: Rubber Mistress

Whole Day Sessions!

There really is soo much kit and equipment and exciting treatments available a City Chambers that Mistress and sub/fetishist could play for a whole week without ever using anything twice! Serious Kit pulsating vacuum suit (Unique to Mistress Annabel in the UK), two milking machines, mind blowing Rubber/Latex collection, superb new revamped Medical Twisted Clinic, full TV Boudoir, largest collection of Rubber Doll attire of any Mistress in the UK, stunning bondage facilities with six point suspension, Black Rubber Operating Theatre.....gases and aromas, the list is truly endless. Whole day sessions up to 8hrs. Commencing as early as 10am with a refreshments/light lunch in the middle give you a short time to catch your breath.

The studio is based in Central London, four minutes of foot from the tube and 25 minutes from Heathrow by tube, less than a minute by car to the main A4 coming into Central London and moments away from the Royal Albert Hall, Hyde Park and Knightsbridge. Tons of hotels nearby to suit all tastes. What are you waiting for? Special rates for whole day sessions and for the journey of a lifetime! No other Mistress in the UK offers such long sessions with such stunning facilities and experience. You will feel totally immersed and over 90% of new clients return again for further kinky adventures and complete control. Perhaps you need to be taken out of yourself? Maybe you work very hard and never take the time to completely unwind? This is the perfect kinky erotic escape! City Chambers is a wonderland of fetish and fantasy that await you with skillful, intelligent control and erotic Female Domination. I offer you the best.

3D Fisting & Suturing!

Brand new unseen elsewhere in the UK, a fantastic innovation from Mistress Annabel allows you to holistically experience some of the more intimate treatments at City Chambers. Please contact Mistress directly for further information on these mind-blowing treatments, which can be part of a CBT, anal-training, or medical scenario. Are you ready for something way beyond your imagination?

Temple of Pussy!

A brand new unique concept, which Mistress Annabel has designed for lovers of bizarre scenarios, bondage aficionados and rubberists alike. Entrapment in this new piece of equipment will encompass all your senses for Mistress's perverse delight!

No photographs, no more information, you will be required to attend in person to experience this feat of fetish engineering and dark dreams.

Have you been on the fetish scene for many years? Have you thought that you've seen it all? No, you haven't! Enter My London Pussy Temple if you dare!

Black Rubber Operating Theatre!

The Black Rubber Operating theatre is now operational and a stunning space dedicated to the lovers of breath play, rubber/latex, heavy rubber, medical fetishism and bondage from the sublime to the truly bizarre. The gasmask and breathing hose collection is stunning. The new toys for anal play are beyond most people's imagination, and the breath control treatments are rare.

More information can be found about kinky treatments available whilst restrained on a genuine medical operating table with lots of unusual attachments in stunning black rubber and chrome, caught under the gaze of a unusually reconditioned genuine operating light in a room with rubber lined walls....steel instruments and black rubber come together to induce you into a truly memorable session experience! Unparalleled in the UK.

For more information about treatments please see Mistress Annabel blog on London's Twisted Clinic!! Fees to enter this very special and unique space are £260 to £300 per hour. Be prepared for a journey like no other with the largest collection of rubber/latex/gummi in the UK at Mistress Annabel's disposal.

:: Twisted Clinic Blog - Ward 7

New Clients - Exciting Opportunity to Play!

Mistress Annabel has taken the view that some interesting new clients will be allowed to attend during a window of opportunity. A few regular clients have been let go, which will mean a new opportunity for devoted attendees to sample the intoxicating world of Mistress Annabel's London rubber studio. The next window available will be from Thursday 26th September to Monday 16th December 2013. This will be the last opportunity for quite some time, as Mistress is looking to cut back her schedule early in 2014.

Chambers are up to full capacity but extra time is being added to the diary to accommodate no more than a dozen new people with interests in line with Her own. If you are a rubberist, medical fetishist,breath play enthusiast, anal slut, submissive or TV/CD you are in tune with Mistress's interests, this is a fantastic opportunity to play with a seasoned Mistress in stunning World Class surroundings, the location cannot be topped in Central London.

TV's hold a special place in Mistress's heart and the large investment in new clothing, wigs, corsets and shoes afford the opportunity to enjoy a stunning transformation, training will be given to those lacking skills in deportment on high heels and make up. Again, rubber dolls/sluts will find a wonderland of female form rubber titty suits, tight heavy rubber corsets, pussy panties, female face/doll hoods and latex clothing awaiting them!! Rubber lovers will find, rubber catsuits go upto a 50" chest and hoods upto a 22" neck so if you've been disappointed not to be able to have something in your size when going to see a Mistress that purports to specialise in rubber this is the place for you!

Unconditional Confidentiality!

Your discretion at Mistress Annabel's chambers in unconditional and guaranteed. Due to a high standard of personal integrity Mistress finds it distasteful and abhorrent that this is breached in any way anywhere within the fetish scene or in public. Please be mindful, this is a two way arrangement. A client has recently been banned for revealing details of Mistress's personal information to another Mistress in the UK. You have been warned! Don't ever think Mistress won't find out, she will!! If you like to gossip, City Chambers is not for you.

HW Designs & Marquis!

There are some stunning new hoods and corsets on order from HW Designs and Marquis. All should be through and at Chambers by the beginning of March 2013. These will be a perfect addition for rubber dolls, rubber sluts, and heavy rubberists. Mistress has spent approximately euro2000 on some iconic items in a few different sizes to make your rubber experience at City Chambers world class. Here is a sneak peak of one of the hoods on order

:: whore hood

Hang 'em High!

Brand new enhanced hydraulic suspension system now fully installed. Higher suspension possibilities than before, plus multi-angle six point suspension possible. Fully inverted suspension and massive array of suspension bars, both static and rotating, full Fetters suspension harness. Fetters suspension sling and rubber inflatable body bag, plus rotatable suspended bondage bed (stunning sensations whilst coupled with saran wrap / industrial cling film. Fully mirrored ceiling to see your predicament play unfold!


Mistress Annabel has started to write an innovative and invaluable blog about the news, life and times of one of the UK's best known and most experienced Mistresses. Whether you have known Mistress since her early career, as a young twenty-something Dominatrix behind Fleet Street, or more recently at her luxurious equipped space in Kensington (or anywhere in between) there is plenty to arouse, both intellectually and physically from a woman who has lived a life less ordinary. Look at read every page and you will find it discreetly tucked away!

BDSM Tribute!

There has been a lot of confusion about the rates per hour posted on the Twisted Clinic site. That hourly rate is specifically for advanced medical play or the use of anaesthesia in advanced scenes at the Twisted Clinic. This is not the same tribute for straightforward BDSM Fem Dom play in the Dungeon where no medical sterile items or anaesthetic gas is used. These rates are as they have been for the last three years. Please telephone or mail Mistress if in doubt about your rate of tribute.

Interesting New Forms of Breath Control!

I am currently trialling a new type of gas for aficionados of breath-control fantasies. Interesting and encouraging results have been obtained with serious players. Please note, this is not an anaesthetic gas but gives similar results to auto-erotic asphyxiation without the danger of putting pressure on the carotid artery, which I believe is both dangerous and unsafe practice. Enjoy many sensations, including a massively prolonged and deep orgasm whilst being controlled by Mistress in this erotic way. Unique in the UK. email Mistress to find out more.

Head Trips!

Mistress has been a busy bee counting and collating the number of hoods and gasmasks at City Chambers. There are now a staggering 68 different hoods, including gasmasks, to experience. Many items are unique and unseen anywhere else; mainly in rubber, but also there are nearly a dozen leather hoods. There are all sizes, so you will be assured of the perfect head trip when you vist Mistress.

Stop Press!

Twisted Clinic is a fantastic new medical website, especially for those attracted to medical fetishes, gummi klinik, erotic asylum, total control, and bitch doctor fantasies. Appointments at the twisted clinic are highly discreet and designed for those looking for a deeper and perhaps more mentally invasive form of medical play. There are only one, or possibly two, appointments per day at the Twisted Clinic, and the minimum booking is two hours. Techniques unseen elsewhere in the UK.

Scrotal Inflation!

After further research, I have taken the view that scrotal inflation will be offered as a medical fetish activity. However, the MAXIMUM amount of fluid I am willing to infuse is 500ml. This is the absolute maximum and sterile clinical saline only will be used. You must research and be knowledgeable of the risks associated with this type of proceedure before going ahead. Please google 'scrotal cellulitis'.