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Many new photos and video items coming soon to showcase the whole range of Serious Kit equipment including scrotal milking attachments both with or without e-stim and vibrating SPT attachments in all sizes for the triple sensation overload of suction, pulsation and vibration!

Mistress Annabel

Mistress Annabel owns absolutely everything in the Serious Kit range, including Serious Kit Milker, Serious Kit Pulsating Vacuum Suit, the whole range of Serious Kit Milking Receivers (some electrified), two Serious Kit Vacuum Hoods (with both Strangulation Collar and interchangeable eye slots), and the Serious Kit dual use Double Milking Receiver, which is fantastic for forced bi milking scenes. Also, recently arrived, is the clitoral milker which can be laced with E-Stim for female guests. A fantastic dual journey, for couples both gay and straight is assured if you are somewhat curious about the whole Serious Kit range. Everything awaits you here and dual or triple milkings can be undertaken with the whole scene being played back to you via the Carl Zeiss 3D glasses. Real deja vous!

In the photograph above, the Serious Kit suit and hood in conjunction with the milker and the many E-stim ports on the Serious Kit suit are used to mind-blowing effect by Mistress Annabel at Her London Studio. In another room in the studio, The Fettered Maze has an option to see a distorted sense of yourself whilst being controlled in the most bizarre and kinky ways with the use of huge ceiling mirrors. Watch yourself being milked, vacuumed, and pulsated - and with the use of retinal distortion, imagine the concept of a bizarre kinky vision of yourself unfurling... Envisage the sensation overload of being pulsated, sucked, milked, and E-stimmed all at the same time. You feel vulnerable and totally aroused. The myriad of sensations that the suit, hood, and milker produce are unique, coupled with Mistress Annabel's wicked imagination and bespoke innovations, the possibilities for perverted rubber bondage and total control are limitless. The eye pieces on the hood allow for either full sensory deprivation or a whole myriad of retinal distortions, which will give a science-fiction type slant to any fantasy scenario.

There are 15 different receivers, many of them custom made by Serious Kit to Mistress Annabel's specification. Your most private thoughts and milking desires can be attained under Mistress Annabel's exacting control. Just think of the delicious possibilities of being kept on the milker for prolonged periods!

Release yourself from your day-to-day concerns and allow Mistress to intensify your fetishistic desires at Her private London Studio.

The Serious Kit Pulsating Vacuum Suit is suitable for a wide range of sizes and you will absolutely not be able to move a muscle one the compressor sucks all of the air and all of the juicy wet lubricant all over your body! The two Serious Kit Vacuum Hoods will fit any size person. There is scope for a wide range of different gags and feeding tubes to be added for force-feeding and breath-control scenarios for the more advanced bondage player. Should you wish to book a Serious Kit session, milking sessions can be for one hour but the minimum booking time for the suit is 2 hours.

Here are three videos showcasing both the Serious Kit vacuum suit, Serious Kit hood, and Serious Kit milking machine. These show how Serious Kit can be used on both male and female guests, and the wealth of creative possibilities at mistress Annabel's fingertips.

Erotic FemDom Milking
For discretion, audio is muted. You can enable it by clicking on the speaker icon when you roll over the video.

Into the Darkness 3
Featuring Serious Kit Pulsating Rubber Vacuum Suit + E-Stim Apertures & Serious Kit Pulsating Vacuum Hood!
For discretion, audio is muted. You can enable it by clicking on the speaker icon when you roll over the video.

For discretion, audio is muted. You can enable it by clicking on the speaker icon when you roll over the video.

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