Rubber Mistress

Digital Economy Act 2017

Delays in implementation of the Digital Economy Act 2017 have meant that further legal clarification is now required. Therefore, Mistress Annabel is delighted to add some video content back onto Her websites, however, Mistress will be keeping a firm eye on legislation. Below is one made earlier (for all Blue Peter badge holders). Enter the vortex, befall a space where time, reality and space stands still. Let your kinky imagination luxuriate in Latex Dreams advocated by Mistress Annabel, Rubber Mistress par Excellence.

Integrity, perversity and acute attention to detail await the most fervent submissives, fetishists with Mistress Annabel in full unbridled control in Her fully equipped rubber retreat far away from the constraints of the outside world. Luxuriate in heavy rubber bondage, Serious Kit, Studio Gum hoods laced with latex dreams. Delicious lascivious encounters, a myriad of private playrooms and an intensity of emotion await those ready to abdicate all control. Mistress Annabel especially enjoys the rituals of heavy rubber bondage, gummi klinik, rubber dollification par excellence. Application for real time encounters may be found by clicking here, make sure you have read the rules page in full detail.

For discretion, audio is muted. You can enable it by clicking the speaker icon when you roll over the video.

Exquisite lascivious encounters in probably the finest equipped rubber studio in the UK. A special and electrifying atmosphere awaits you, with many many thousands of pounds of latex and heavy rubber to luxuriate in will begin this exceptional journey deep inside your psyche stimulating your imagination and inspiring you to become an ardent devotee in Mistress Annabel's clandestine world.

Please note: there may be small additional fees for medical disposables and advanced breathplay treatments. Stay for one hour or up to three days in this fully contained private studio discreetly located in one of London's finest neighbourhoods. Longterm bondage and enforced bi scenes are of particular interest to Mistress Annabel. Please mail Mistress for further information, including rubberdoll, TV slut, and forced bi parties.

Supreme attention to detail, discretion guaranteed/assured. Dare to enter Mistress Annabel's hedonistic rubber world, where time stands still and your most fervent fetish dreams and desires are undertaken with both skill and integrity.

Rubber Mistress

Intelligence, both emotional and intellectual is a feature of all encounters with Mistress Annabel in full control; whether it is thoughtful cruelty or erotic sensation overload, Mistress will read your body and mind to create a truly holistic experience, which many visitors to Her studio have commented as being of a world-class standard. Mistress Annabel's standards of behaviour are high and shall expect nothing less of you in both your manners, presentation, and demeanour. Please take the time and have the maturity of approach to read all pages of this website thoroughly to make sure that your interests are compatible with Mistress Annabel; especially the non-interests and taboos.

telephone: UK 07 377 264 773 | international +44 7 377 264 773 | from 9am
whatsapp: click here!
detailed questionnaire: apply here!

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